5 Reasons Why You Need Wedding Videography

Let’s face it, this is the day most girls dream of their whole life! So the big question is, do you have the budget? Obvisouly if there was no limit than of course you’d book a wedding videographer. Along with that comes the delema of hiring a team whose expertise is in wedding videography, and not just videography in general. Trust us there is a big difference in the type and style of coverage. However here are a few things we really like to point out to couples who are on the fence.

1. Capturing the sights you may not remember. Your wedding photographer will capture the big moments like the first kiss, or exchanging of the vows. With wedding videography, there is the memorable moments that can only be captured onto film. Seeing amazing details that make up your wedding day, or the wide smiles you had when you turned to your guests, all in stunning high definition video is a sight to behold.

2. Re-living the sights you may not have remembered or never got to see… you’ve spent what seems like forever planning and preparing for your wedding day, and when it finally comes, the day goes by so fast! Capturing the subtle moments is one of the main tenets of wedding videography. All the colors and decor you picked, the laughter and fun between your friends and family, your husband holding back his tears of happiness as he waits for you at the altar. These are all subtle, yet vivid memories that make your wedding day special – and will not be forgotten since it will be captured onto video.  There is also a huge amount of amazing things that happen before you even walk down the isle, such as what the other one is doing.  What is he thinking about while your bridal make-up gets it’s finishing touches?

3. Hearing the sounds. No matter how spectacular your wedding photography team is, it is only addressing one of our five senses – the sense of sight. With a wedding video, you would appease not just one, but two of your senses – the sense of vision, and the sense of hearing. Our wedding videography team is fully equipped with professional audio recording equipment. This means we can covertly hook up a microphone to the inside of your husband’s tuxedo and maybe even a go pro somewhere you can’t see it. You’ll hear every quiver in his voice as he excitedly (or nervously) says his vows to you.

4. Sharing your memories today, and tomorrow. . There are so many other relatives and loved ones that might not have been able to make it due to travel or other personal reasons. Which is why our cinematic edit comes in handy, and simple youtube link and you can share all the little moments that told your wedding day.  The beauty of hiring a wedding videography team to produce a wedding video for you is that you can instantly share your wedding day with them no matter where they are in the world.  Also, imagine having your wedding video be a family treasure that you can share from generation to generation.

5. You can’t get this day back. When the cake is cut, and the bouquet’s been tossed all you have our your memories.  And since the details in our mind slowly fade having this little reminder of the small stuff will just help paint a more gorgeous memory of The Big Picture!  See what we did there….

Some interesting info:

[tooltip title=”] The Wedding and Event Videographers Association recently conducted a study, surveying brides. The results were eye-opening…. [/tooltip]

* 98% of newlywed couples recommended to future brides that they have wedding videography

* 63% of brides that did not consider or have wedding videography, would recommend to future brides to do so.

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