About Us

The Big Pictures is made up of a team of 8 uber talented cinematic videographers.  With each one of us utilizing our special skills we all come together and showcase our best work at each and every event we film.  Grabbing up details of your wedding day in such a way that even when you see your film you’ll be surprised.  Capturing the details of all your vendors, family and friends, special moments and words said that just might be forgotten if you don’t have that camera rolling.

Let your love tell a story…

Out of passion and love of photographic and cinematic art, we have spent years building our abilities to capture the true emotion and love with each couple’s unique story.  We love to build strong connections with like-minded couples, which appreciate what we do and want to show off their wedding day with a beautiful cinematic style wedding video. The Big Pictures was created by Jeff and Amber Janke of Jeff + Amber. Together Jeff and Amber Janke also started AMP Creative or Active Media Productions Creative Team, which is a sub-division of The Active Media, Jeff and Amber’s Internet and Web Development Marketing Company.

Every event is unique and we take pride in showing that in your wedding film with us.  From the first clips captured to the final edit, we hand pick every shot used, set up optimal lighting for each environment, record interviews with each bride and groom, and showcase the entire day so you won’t forget a detail.

To see if we are available on your wedding date give us a call, we’d love to hear all about your wedding day!

Contact Jeff or Amber Janke

The Big Pictures at: 310-272-6753

or info@jeffjankephotography.com