Rates and Such

On average we like to suggest to all of our clients that at minimum we have three videographers covering your event.  Our crew is highly trained and all come a film background which makes our style so unique!  Working with top notch equipment is crucial to the best overall image and audio quality.  We arrive typically at the very beginning of your day capturing all the details and end up leaving right at the end.  We don’t miss any action and we capture the little things you most likely will miss.

Packages and Pricing

Cinematic Feature $2,500

Up to 10 hours coverage of all events, preparation, decor set up, bride and groom interviews. Cinematic edit and interview on BluRay and Digital download.

Extended Cut $3,250

Up to 10 hours of coverage, coverage of all events, preparation, decor set up, bride & groom interviews. Cinematic Edit, Ceremony Edit, Reception Edit and Interviews on BlueRay and Digital download.

Drone Coverage $850

When it comes to capturing your event from the sky we’ve got the best camera operators and top of the line gear to get the best shot. *This option adds another crew member just for proper camera operation

Deleted Scenes $500

Send us a hard drive and you’ll get all your raw files

Add-on extended cut $950

Get your extended edit of your Ceremony and Reception up to one year after your event has past. A new BluRay will be released with Ceremony, Reception, Cinematic edits and bride and groom interviews.

Payment Terms
Cinematic Wedding Films are broken into three payments
1/3 down to hold the date • 1/3 by the wedding • 1/3 once cinematic edit is complete